Retreat, September 10th – 17th, Kibbutz Ein Dor

gentle warm-ups

before the hour of birdsong

tent zipper unzips


hungry yogis

aware of their breath

till breakfast bell


silent delicious

juicy vegetables

soulful gratitude


high anxiety

slow breathing

guaranteed calm


yogis as warriors

birds, flies, ants gather round

all together


trees rustle

cool pre-dawn land

body reception


old smiling woman

opens her arms

loving embrace


who is this face

so connected to my path

welcoming me home


plate of fruit

fork selects pear morsel

sudden taste of fall!


sun radiates sky

standing meditation

frog across sidewalk


sunlight through curtains

graces my sweeping

breath with body


sweeping duty

sun lights and expands moments

humbly i breathe


opening my heart

tears prevent words

been here, done this


poets and artists

let’s shine like the sunrise

around the world


a black bucket

where the hose drips

kibbutz water-hole


dharma talk

on sex and relationships

yogis wake up


newest challenge

standing meditation

back muscles weary


bees around flower

yogis observe who and where

new-found attention


one small babe

all of the universe

ours in a hug


and just like that

autumn jumps on stage

mid-summer solo


thick grey brushstroke

early evening breeze

hints of rain to come


listen through the heart

open to what sings to you

after tears and smiles



will the ants be at work?



only starvation

her thinking stops

food and rest bring thoughts


3 Arab women

evening kibbutz walk

good for everyone


from my little bed

sounds of familiar rustles

first fall rain



run to stand outside

smell of raindrops


bird hierarchy

larger ones on lower branch

smaller, above


flowers in sunlight

after morning rainfall

glisten and shine


sound of showers

during first meditation

outside, rainfilled crocs